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Turncraft Columns

When it comes to quality, consistency, durability, elegance, and class, Turncraft Columns are the trusted name in Columns from homeowners to architects. Each Turncraft column is fully load-bearing across our entire line of styles, sizes, and materials. Built to endure through the ages with virtually no maintenance required, there has never been a more functional, beautiful, and architecturally accurate line of columns to compliment your dream home.


Craftsman Columns

With a design style made popular by the Craftsman artistic movement of the early 20th century, the Poly-Classic® Craftsman Column series is sure to add refinement and class to any building project. These columns are celebrated for their subtle charm and durable design, and have become popular in Prairie, Bungalow, Country and Mission style homes. Use Poly-Classic® Craftsman column as a beautiful way to provide a stylish highlight to you porch or deck, or to hide wiring or plumbing.


These columns, a favorite amongst architects, builders and homeowners, are available in all the proportions of the Classical order: Greek and Roman Doric, Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian. These real wood Architectural columns provide the utmost in classic beauty and sound structural support. The Architectural series is clean and elegant, and can be matched with any ornamental capital to achieve that authentic ancient look.

Poly-Classic columns

Our sleek and traditional Poly-Classic columns, available in tapered and non-tapered shaft styles, are made to look and feel just like real stone. Crafted from rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer, these highly advanced columns are stronger than concrete, steel or aluminum. Their ingenious design and beautiful aesthetic makes the Poly-Classic columns the perfect choice for any weight-bearing or ornamental project.

Porch Post

Charming, simple, and traditional, our Wood Porch Posts are the perfect way to complete your walkways, landings, decks and porches. These custom turned wooden posts are fully treated with WoodTreat® MB water-repellant wood preservative to protect against mold, mildew and fungi and to keep your exterior project looking clean and new through any kind of weather. Use these pieces as a unifying element by installing them all around your home, or use just a few to accent one area.